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Tale of Four Gamers: Scores on the Doors, and Gittin Orginised

So, the late period for Phase 1 is up, what are the scores so far?

Rob and I comfortably met all phase 1 requirements in time. Chris has basically switched armies so phase 1 is a write off for him. Ken got some points for painting and blogging on time and narrative was late so half score. I didn't catch if you got a game in the late period Ken, I know you said you might be able to... I haven't included the points for that so if you did get a game in, let me know and I'll update them.

Rob takes the lead for having done some objective markers, but as he can't score them ever again, there is an opportunity for the rest of us to gain those 6 easy points later on...

Rob - 22%
Ginge - 16%
Ken - 9%
Chris - 0%

I've put a percentage on there so we can all use this as a personal tracker to a target, rather than get competitive over who has scored more. We're all aiming for as close to 100% as we can, although obviously some scores once missed are gone.

Meanwhile, on Vigi…

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