Tale of Four Gamers: Kitbash!

So I did a raid of my bitzbox and kitbashed some more mek guns. I am not sure when they'll be added to my army, right now I'm ahead of schedule so just prepping stuff to give me options while waiting for a shiny new codex...

So I made myself three Kustom Mega Kannons.

I was torn between these and bubble chukkas... I do love bubble chukkas, they are zany and just SOO orky... but on the other hand, I already have three in my Bad Moons, and it would be nice to have the option to field any of the mekguns that exist... plus ken is running Knights, rob is planning to add big daemons, Chris is planning to add big beasties... I could probably do with something with a bit more kick than fairy liquid ;)


  1. Scratch-building Ork stuff is always fun. They came out great, too!

    1. It certainly gives more freedom... no worrying about how it's supposed to actually work, just know the orky power of belief will MAKE it work :P

      I did a battlewagon once, pulled by an Ogre Kingdoms Stonehorn, and the "driver" had a steering wheel that was in no way connected to the beast. But I figured the Stonehorn would charge the enemy, which is exactly where the driver would want to go to, so to an Ork mind it worked perfectly...


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