Tale Update, and Oo-arr oo-arr...

So phase three comes to an end, and while I got a game in against Rob I did not get my intended game against Ken that I was planning to add in to my next narrative update... I'll write the narrative soon anyway, would just have been nice to chalk up some bonus points by referring to a battle I had taken part in...

Anyway, I painted, gamed, wrote narrative and blogged all on time. Rob painted and gamed on time. Sadly Christmas and back problems proved problematic for Ken and Chris respectively, and they missed their score, giving us current scores of:

Ginge - 48%
Rob - 42%
Ken - 12%
Chris - 0%

We are now into our final phase for painting, although before we have our big finale painted models only game, I do expect to leave a 6 week or so window to give people chance to catch up and hopefully field a full army for the final game. This will give others the opportunity to paint up some extras if they wish, but hopefully they won't go overboard, and if they do everyone will probably team up on them anyway...

As for the second part of my blogpost title... in my last post I showed off a conversion using the back half of a battlewagon. That left me the front half, quite an impressive bitzbox, and a third party deffrolla that just hadn't been suitable for the army surplus special...

For one it was just too big for the conversion I was working on, for the other, it just looked too agricultural...

"Ooh arr ooh aarrr"

So I went with it...

"Oi got a brand new combine 'arvester"

It collects the head of the "harvest" kinda like wheat, right?

At Ken's suggestion I added a scoop behind the roller to do the harvesting.

Not sure which tribe I'll add this to yet, I also have a deffkilla wartrike spare... I won't add to the deffskulls as I'm sticking to looted vehicles there, no ork ones, and I don't want to add it to the Goffs, as they're mostly infantry and kans, so I think either evil Sunz or bad moons will receive these new recruits. I'm leaning evil Sunz, as they have more bikes and are a more obvious home for the trike, but they only have one deffrolla wagon compared to the bad moons 2, and that vehicle seems like it would work well in conjunction with the trike. The only thing holding me back is that is my ice-world based army, so not sure how much farm machinery is likely to be around that place :P

But no rush to paint these, still have the Tale, the commission, the Wacky all higher up on my to do list...


  1. I like how there's somehow a Kastellan head in there, even tho it's way bigger than the pipe leading to the back. Also, any Mek would fully approve of a major joint being held together with a mix of electrical and packing tape!

    1. I did consider the kastellan head issue, there are in fact two in there, but I figured they would have made it through sheer orkish determination... :P

      As for the joint, that was a real pain getting that to meet, it was plasticard pieces but it wasn't smooth enough, so then I actually glued a small bit of a plastic bag corner in place figuring that, once painted, I could perhaps make it look rubberised or something similar. Although painting it to look like duct tape could run a close second ;)

    2. Maybe run some thread around it too, as baling wire or some such.

  2. That is just a fantastic conversion!

    1. I'm still more chuffed with the army surplus special if i'm honest, but as a way to make use of the leftover parts of a kit I'm pretty pleased with it :)


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