Ork Blitza-Dive-Bombers

I am starting to put together some pieces for my next ork tribe, which will be a German WW2 themed Stormboy Blood Axe camp, with yoofs, stormboyz, kommandos, plus some WW2 inspired additional units. I've already shown off the tank (and by fluke have found a couple spare land raiders, so will definitely make a second perhaps even a third) and next up are two Blitza Bombers.

I wanted to theme these to look like Stukas. The paintjob will help sell this look once I get around to it, but for now there are some basic shapes I want to replicate.

I'm looking at those landing wheels with those covers. I'm looking at the flaps extended from the wings. The propeller. The air vent beneath the nose.

So, have I been able to convert a suitable look?

I feel I have replicated the look enough that, with the right paint job (yellow wing tips in particular) anyone should instantly recognise this as what it's supposed to be.

Oh, and if there is any shadow of a doubt...


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