As can be easily spotted from my painting points, I lost my Mojo. It started with a Tale I'd held an army idea up for, but then it fizzled out. I should always follow my hobby impulses delaying inevitably saps my enthusiasm. Delaying that army meant by the time the Tale started I was forcing myself, when the Tale stopped I stopped.

The problem was compounded by the new guard release. I bought a bunch of stuff but had only played two games when tenth was announced. Two games against my mates Khorne army. He felt similarly hobbled. 

Being busier at work has been a natural time sink. My hobby time has mostly been bloodbowl, which requires relatively little as a hobbyist, and I already had several teams painted for them.

I never felt like I was going to sell up and quit or anything. I'm no fool I know it can come and go. So I've been buying stuff I feel I would have been enthusiastic about and just... Leaving it on the shelf. I've picked up side projects that may appeal. Other game systems. I have just pre-order legions imperialis for much the same reason. I'm still on the fence regards the old world. The rules teased so far seems very similar to what we had before, which appeals... But it didn't do well enough to survive before. Remaking it as it was, will it stay supported? Plus I've sold it all fickle pretty much, so would be starting from scratch. Maybe. 

But I have been getting some slight tickling of desire lately. I won't call it mojo yet. Feels more like a m. I've done five models to test a colour scheme. Seems quick and easy and I quite like it. May do some more some time. Maybe. M. M. Merrrgggghhhh...


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