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The Many Points of Crusade 40k

 I've uploaded this to youtube , but here is the script in case anyone wants a clarification of my accent. Hello and welcome to Mek It So, a channel to discuss the crusade rules in 40k. So what better way to start than discuss the rules themselves, starting with clarifying the points. Crusade does involve some bookkeeping, with various points to track which can cause some confusion when asking about how many points something is. So let's go through them. First, matched play points, 2k lists, 5 points for a weapon and all that - is NOT in crusade. So forget about that straight away. In crusade we use power levels, which everyone naturally refers to as power POINTS. Next, we have Supply. Just supply but often called, by my group at least, supply POINTS. This is the total that can be included in your army and starts at 50. You draft up to 50 power LEVEL of units into your crusade FORCE. You don't have to play them all every game, you could make a 25 power game, but so far we&

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