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Ere We Go Indeed...

 So Warhammer community just released some information about the new Ork codex. Now the release of Beast Snagga Boys did have me rather worried that they would be primarorks and render normal boys obsolete... having something like 300 of the buggers across several clans that idea did not appeal in the slightest. I loved the new sculpt and would use them to form a new clan (snakebite obviously) but I didn't want my other clans to be thrown on the bonfire to fuel this rampage. The rules release has reassured me that even if the new boys are a bit better, they haven't given up on my standard boys yet. Toughness 5 across the board. It will be so enjoyable to run at marines and watch them need 5's to hurt you. Plus AP -1 on choppas, so when you get there you'll be doing some damage too. Yes please, yes please indeed. I am keenly awaiting the new releases, and some recent eBay sales (despite dumb questions - no, I will not let you buy it now at my starting price 2 hours after

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